People Helping People

Dallas Hope Charities is the outreach arm of Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to mobilize and inspire a vibrant, inclusive and progressive volunteer force to bring tangible positive transformation to the lives of all who are marginalized.

dallas hope charities home renovations project almost completeFor seniors and people living with disabilities, do-it-yourself home repairs can be more than they can keep up with. Dallas Hope Charities partners with the City of Dallas' People Helping People program to help low-income and elderly residents with home renovation projects including:

  • Replacing rotted wood
  • Scraping and painting
  • Rebuilding / replacing steps, handrails, porches
  • Demolishing small structures
  • Removing open storage from yards

Senior home repairs
You don't need to have extensive construction experience to volunteer. This is a seasonal opportunity to volunteer your time and skills as we stay dormant during the summer heat and winter cold out of concern for our volunteers' health. As the weather turns more bearable, such projects become more viable. Upcoming dates are listed here on our calendar link and via all of our social media outlets. We thank you for your interest in helping us with home repairs for seniors, low-income families, and disabled members of your community. For more information, please contact us using the buttons to the right or below.

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