Pack the Pantry

Dallas Hope Charities fulfills the outreach mission and the call for being aware of caring for those in need. Participation in our wide array of outreach opportunities is a great way to meet new people while uplifting the marginalized.

pack-the-pantryThe last Sunday of every month is Pack the Pantry Sunday at Cathedral of Hope. Volunteers collect, sort, and shelve food donations brought to the church. These generous donations allow us to consistently provide more than 300 bags of food each month to people who might otherwise go hungry.

If you would like to support this program, there are lots of ways to get involved. Use the links to the right or below to look at the next upcoming volunteer opportunities if you would like to donate time to accepting and storing donations. A cash donation can also help. Additionally, if you shop at Kroger or Tom Thumb and participate in their community rewards programs, you can name Dallas Hope Charities as the beneficiary and we will receive 1% of sales each quarter. For more information, please phone us at 214-351-1901, extension 211 or contact us.

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We need you to help us keep this program going. Even a small donation makes a big impact!

Please consider volunteering your time to support this valuable program.

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