LGBTQ Homelessness Initiative

Dallas Hope Charities is the outreach arm of Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to mobilize and inspire a vibrant, inclusive and progressive volunteer force to bring tangible positive transformation to the lives of all who are marginalized.

LGBTQ youth account for 40% of all youth experiencing homelessness. Dallas Hope Charities seeks to reduce and prevent LGBTQ youth homelessness in Dallas and its surrounding counties by establishing a shelter. Resources available help teens and youth struggling with homelessness and nay of the following:

  • Safe shelter
  • Case management
  • Primary medical care
  • HIV testing
  • Mental health assessment and treatment
  • Employment assistance

In addition, Dallas Hope Charities has:

  • AIDS Crisis Fund
  • BACH (Breakfast at Cathedral of Hope)
  • iCare (Free lunch and grocery bags weekly)

For more information, please callĀ us at 214-351-1901, extension 211 or use the Volunteer button to send us a message.

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