Courtney Compton Testimonial

I decided I wanted to do a senior project this year, and knew I wanted to base it in service. I named my project “The Eli Project” after my nephew, because I constantly see goodness in him and think we can all be inspired by the innocence of child-like kindness. So, I decided that each month I would choose a different cause and host a drive or event for it. For example, in July I collected donations for care packages to be sent to our troops, and in August I collected school supplies for children in need. For the month of October, I’m accepting donated blankets for the homeless. I don’t have that far of a reach but if I can help just one person, I will feel accomplished. 

Thank you so much for taking my school supplies! Everything your organization is doing is so inspiring, and I’m glad to know that there are people actively helping out our community. It was very nice to meet you.