Chef Travis Cummings Testimonial

Dallas Hope Charities, the “parent” of iCare (the weekly lunch and food pantry) enticed me to get involved when I learned I could share my culinary skills with the less fortunate in my own community. From day one a little over year ago, I was in love. I do meal planning, prep each meal, cook the meal and sometimes help to serve it, then we all clean up. After a crazy week at work, I look forward to Mondays.

About six months ago, Hello Fresh began donating fresh produce to supplement our program as well as contribute to staff and any person desiring a bag of produce. Starting in March 2017, Homeward Bound began paying it forward, paying it back to us for our donations of produce by giving us weekly donations of break for our guests.

When I started my new job, a prerequisite for me was to have Mondays off so that I would still be able to cook for the wonderful people who come to our amazing iCare for a hot meal and some groceries. Today, I am both blessed and grateful to call Dallas Hope Charities my home.