Shop for Hope by shopping from our community partners and our Dallas Hope Charities Wishlists!

Shop for Hope by shopping from our community partners and our Dallas Hope Charities Wishlists!

shop for hope

From Worthy Bags to Amazon Wishlists and beyond, shop all our lists including some created specifically by our current residents. Are you a business that is looking to spend a percentage of your profit towards making a difference? Email hope@dallashopecharities.org


Hope center

Our Hope Center focuses on the needs of of LGBTQ+ youth who require transitional living. Items on this list will ensure that residents have all the supplies and resources they need during their stay.

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Worthy bags

Worthy Bags are given to our Hope Center waitlist candidates until we have room at the Hope Center. Items on this list provide hygiene essentials they need to start their journey to independence.

Please reach out to hope@dallashopecharities.org if you are interested in providing Worthy Bags.

Dallas Police Department Safe Place Program

Safe place worthy kit

The Safe Place Program aims to spread awareness and education about LGBTQ+ hate crimes. Items on this list help us provide welcome kits to registered Safe Place businesses.

Temporarily Closed. Through a generous donation, this wishlist has been fulfilled. 

Kroger Community Rewards

1. Create a digital account

A digital account is needed to participate in Kroger Community Rewards. If you already have a digital account, simply link your Shopper’s Card to your account so that all transactions apply towards Dallas Hope Charities


Once logged in, search for Dallas Hope Charities either by name or WL497 and then click enroll. 

3. Start Shopping!

A portion of all your Kroger purchases will be donated to Dallas Hope Charities.