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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Dallas Hope Charities. In addition to completing this form, you may be asked to complete other forms or processes, such as a background check or food safety training, as required by the area in which you have an interest.

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Note: All of our open volunteer programs will require a background check before participating, but we will provide you details on that after submitting an application.

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Talent Release and Confidentiality Agreement
I agree to serve as a volunteer and commit to adhere to Dallas Hope Charities rules and procedures, and to treat as confidential, private and given only in trust, any information which I become aware of or gain knowledge of in the course of my volunteer duties. I do hereby give Dallas Hope Charities, Inc., its affiliates or subsidiaries, assignees, licensees, and legal representatives the irrevocable right to use my name (or fictional name), visual image, voice, musical and/or theatrical performance, and musical text and/or written text materials, in all forms and media and in all manners, including but not limited to cablecast, broadcast, webcast, DVD and VHS recordings, and/or any other lawful purposes. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product. I have read this release and am fully familiar with its contents. I do not expect either monetary or material compensation from the sale of any product which is produced as a result of my performance and/or appearance at Dallas Hope Charities.

Please allow up to 3 business days for response.