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I first became involved with iCare about four years ago through my dear friend Rick Dishman. Rick was a tireless volunteer for CoH - ushering every Sunday whenever needed, plus his dedication to BACH and iCare was amazing. I watched him give tirelessly of himself (until his death) and he was an inspiration to me. At one time Rick not only served for iCare, but donated and paid for the food. We did this on Monday and Thursday and there were just 3 to 4 of us in the kitchen at that time. Through him I saw and got to know the iCare clients. They give me so much....hope, strength and the will to survive, as do my fellow volunteers. I do what I do because of karma. Who day I might be in that line, and I can only hope there would be someone who would offer me a plate of food and a smile. There are days I leave iCare bone weary but with a feeling of satisfaction that I gave something to someone who needed it and, perhaps, needed me. It's a feeling that God is smiling down on me. I hope to continue my volunteer work as long as my physical body holds’s the best medicine.

---Don Pritchard, Dallas Hope Charities Volunteer