Things To Know

diversityNo matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.

Dallas Hope Charities provides an avenue for you to turn your calling into action.

No matter your background, you'll find Dallas Hope Charities to be a place where you can meet others who are on a similar journey. When you've decided that you'd like to volunteer for a Dallas Hope Charities outreach opportunity, you'll find yourself to be immersed in a culture with others who feel that same calling; with others who are living out that calling in a very tangible way that directly benefits those who otherwise may be marginalized or might otherwise run the risk of being forgotten.

We value our volunteers, and we want you to have a quality experience serving in your chosen areas of outreach volunteerism. To that end, we want to ensure the safety of our volunteers and of those who benefit from your service. Certain volunteer opportunities require background checks, while others require various levels of training and/or certifications. To request more information about the safety issues surrounding any specific outreach volunteer opportunity, contact us.


Core Values

We believe we are here to serve, not to be served. To that end, we embrace four core values:


We are a people of Compassion.

     We are a caring people who embody the tangible love that feeds the hungry, heals the hurting, and are mindful that it is up to us to embody compassion toward all who are marginalized.


We are a people of Inclusion.

     All are welcome here. Therefore, we seek to serve all.


We are a people of Liberation.

     Through apolitical means, we seek to challenge all oppression, particularly the oppression of those who are marginalized. By embodying the very best that resides in each of us and through serving as living examples of service to others, we live out our liberation until all are set free.


We are a people of Hope.

     We are people filled with joy and unrelenting optimism because we believe we are following a clear purpose: utilize our gifts, our skills and our resources to transform the world.