Let’s end hunger and hopelessness

Last year more than 58,000 pounds of food/meals were served
A chronically homeless person costs the taxpayer on average more than $35,000 per year
All of our residents are LGBTQIA+ escaping toxic home lives

Meals of Hope

We care that households and individuals are having to choose between food for themselves & their family or shelter, utilities, or medical costs. Food should not be a luxury, it is a necessity, a basic need. We are feeding stomachs AND feeding the souls of our guests.

Dallas Hope Charities addresses the need of food insecurity by providing meals to individuals that would otherwise go without. In 2020, Meals of Hope shifted from a stationary food program to a food truck that gives us the ability to meet people at their point of need by serving fresh meals in low income and at-risk communities throughout Dallas.

Each meal is balanced, delicious, and is created, rather than poured out of a can. We doubled the number of meals served every week in 2020, serving over 58,000 lbs in food and meals to food insecure and homeless individuals and families.

Collective Hope Coalition

Collective Hope Coalition (CHC) was formed as an initiative of Dallas Hope Charities (DHC) due to the alarming statistics regarding suicide among the LGBTQIA+ community. Because of the minimal resources available in the Dallas area to address this issue, DHC knew something had to be done to bring about positive change.

The only initiative of its kind in the Dallas, Texas community; we are creating effective and lasting solutions for our LGBTQIA+ community. As a community, we need to do more to reduce the factors and eliminate the hopelessness that leads to suicide in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Through collaboration, focused strategies, unified goals, and successful implementation we are creating positive change. Each sector of the community is working together to tackle the various risk factors, as well as identify and provide resources that are beneficial in addressing these life-altering ideations, and ultimately reducing life-ending results.

Let’s create change. Let’s save lives.

Collective Hope Coalition | Create Change

Transitional Living Center

Many LGBTQ+ youth face family rejection and are forced to leave their home, which leaves them disproportionately at risk of homelessness. Dallas lacks the appropriate services dedicated to these homeless youth.

The situations these youth experience can lead to immense hopelessness and increases their risk of suicide, which is why Dallas Hope Center focuses on the needs of LGBTQ+ youth who require transitional living. With issues of safety and homophobia in existing shelters, what they face is more acute than the overall homeless population.

We provide these celebrated youth a safe, connected, and welcoming space. They have the freedom to be authentic and honest, in an environment that encourages growth.

Since 2018, Dallas Hope Charities’ mission has been to reduce homelessness among young adults in North Texas with our LGBTQ-focused shelter in the Dallas area, tailored to the needs of individuals ages 18-24.

“The program gave much-needed comfort to me during a time of discomfort. I was able to express myself and truly have a home without any drawbacks.”

– Maya

“(Meals of Hope) has had a positive impact in my life and I appreciate the food. I really like when we get the Worthy Bags”

– Jason

“I now feel empowered and that I can continue to do whatever I set out to do.”

– Alex


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