Dallas Hope Charities

Dallas Hope Charities’ office is closed until May 12, 2020. Food programs are also suspended during this time. Our staff is working remotely and is easily accessible by email.

We have two immediate needs at this time:
(1) Food Pantry items; we’ve depleted our stock during this epidemic
(2) Blessing Bags; we’ve used our supply of bags for the homeless 

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and care for each other!

Welcome!  Dallas Hope Charities fulfills the outreach mission and the call for being aware of caring for those in need. Participation in our outreach opportunities is a great way to meet new people while uplifting the marginalized. Utilizing our time, skills, relationships, and finances to support those in need, we join together to spread goodwill throughout our social community, geographical community and beyond.

our Vision

Ending Hunger Today, Breaking the Path to Homelessness Forever

Our Mission

We provide food, shelter and services that instill dignity, stability & Hope For All.

Next Calendar DATES

08 April 2020
Repeat Every 1 Month(s) on the Second Wednesday
Blessing Bags are gallon-size Ziploc® bags that contain snacks, travel-size toiletries, socks, a bottle of water, grooming supplies, and other items that people who live on the street find useful. Bags are kept in your car, so when you encounter a person who is experiencing homelessness, you can offer the bag to them. Shopping lists are distributed on the first Wednesday of each month. Items on the list are purchased during the week and brought back the second Wednesday of the month, and those who are interested are invited to take a few bags with them to keep on hand in their cars. Learn more at the Blessing Bags program page.

14 April 2020
Repeat Every 1 Month(s) on the Second Tuesday
Dinner of Hope (formerly Taste of Hope) occurs on the second and last Tuesday of each month. The meal we serve is similar to a meal we would serve guests in our home. However, our program is not just about “feeding the homeless.” It is about connecting with the people we serve, even for just a few moments. To learn more, visit the Dinner of Hope program page, or find us on Facebook events.

26 April 2020
Repeat Every 1 Month(s) on the Last Sunday
On Pack the Pantry Sunday (the last Sunday of each month), volunteers collect, sort and shelve the food brought to Cathedral of Hope. Through these donations, we are able to consistently provide more than 300 bags of food each month to people who might otherwise go hungry. Additionally, if you shop at Kroger or Tom Thumb and participate in their community rewards programs that name Cathedral of Hope as beneficiary, we receive 1% of sales each quarter. Learn more at the Pack the Pantry program page or visit the events page on Facebook.